Groups and Projects

Altar Guild - is responsible for the physical preparation of the Church, specifically the Sanctuary. Members prepare the linen used for the Eucharist, clean the brass and sacred vessels and do floral décor.

Bible Study Group - meets with objective of studying the Bible more closely and to provide members with support in dealing with personal challenges. (Mondays at 5:30 p.m.)

Brotherhood of St. Andrew - This is a Diocesan organization whose objective is to spread the Word of Christ's Kingdom among young men in particular. (Tuesdays before 3rd Sundays)

Fellowship Groups - study and pray together.

Friends of the Sunday School - this Group was formed to assist the Sunday Schools of St. Andrew, St. Clement's and St. Thomas Missions.

Grief Support Group - is dedicated to helping ease the stress of the loss of a loved one. (Weekly, Wednesdays at 5:30 p.m.)

Ministry to Street Children - carries the Church's Ministry to the boys who frequent the street in the Half Way Tree area. The Project is also called the "Little Brothers of St. Andrew".

Mothers' Union - A Diocesan Organization committed to leading children to Christ. The group pays special attention to the needs of children, to the newly baptized and to developing parenting skills. (Last Tuesdays 4:00 p.m.)

Parish Visitors - this group exists to give spiritual support to sick and shut-in members by regular visits and contact.

Reception Committee - exists to assist worshippers to prepare for a spiritually fulfilling worship experience. The members extend hospitality to visitors and provide worship material for use at Services. (Last Wednesdays - 5:30 p.m.)

Servers Guild - assists the Clergy at Sunday Services and special services, weddings and funerals.

Sunday Schools - There are three Sunday Schools - St. Andrews (morning and afternoon) as well as St. Clement's and St. Thomas Missions.

Tuesday Charity - responds to the needs of indigent persons in the vicinity of the Church. (Every Tuesday morning)

Women's Auxiliary - collects funds for the Diocesan Pastoral Aid Fund through which assistance is give to less fortunate cures, assists with the pensions of retired clergy. (First Wednesdays - 4:30 p.m.)

Women's Working Committee - seeks to provide a "Discretionary Fund" for use by the Rector and provides financial support for areas of identified need. (3rd Sundays)

Youth Committee - coordinates the activities of all youth groups within the Church.

Youth Fellowship - meets for fellowship, study and special activities

Young Adults Group - promotes special activities for those in the age group 22-45. Activities are geared towards personal growth and development, fellowship and friendship.


Outreach Projects

St. Clement's Mission - A Chapel of Ease serving the community of Kencot through regular Sunday Services, Sunday School, and a Development Centre offering (among other things) Skills Training Courses, Home Work Assistance for students of All-Age, Primary and High Schools, Counselling. (Learn more)

St. Andrew Parish Church Home for Girls - Founded in 1974 the Home caters for Girls between the ages of 9-18 years who are in need of protection. Voluntary assistance is given by members of the congregation.

St. Andrew Settlement - provides social services to the community of Majesty Gardens in Western Kingston. These services include medical, and dental care, vocational training, day care, a library, basic school and other special activities.

Moreton Park Cottages - were originally set up to women who did not have the financial means to attend to their own needs. Some of these women are the original occupants and now need special care themselves. The Committee manages the complex and attempts to ensure the care of the residents.

St. Andrew Care Centre - is being established as the first point of entry for street boys between ages 8 and 18 into the "Possibility Programme" which is being coordinated out of the Project Management Implementation Unit (PMIU) in the Prime Minister's Office. Social workers and voluntary groups will care for and mentor the boys registered at the Centre.

They will also diagnose their individual needs, whether these be emotional, psychological, medical, physical, educational or training and refer the boys to organizations already established to address those needs. The Care Centre will be constructed on Church lands adjoining Ambrook Lane in Half Way Tree.

The project developed out of the Saturday outreach programme, "Little Brothers of St. Andrew" started in 1997. A number of persons representing a wide range of business and community interests and having technical skills relevant to the successful running of the Care Centre have accepted appointment to the Board of Management of the Centre.

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